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I used to dislike New Year, but now I just think how lucky I am to be welcoming in a new one.

My dodgy looking glass contains homemade pomegranate kefir, which is my new favourite tipple. I'm making up for my over indulgent festive period and have to say, it's quite addictive!

No resolutions for me, as I'm so useless at keeping them.  However, I will try to work off some of the poundage that I seem to have did that happen then?

Probably all the laziness betwixt Christmas and New Year, which we thoroughly embraced.  Lolling around on sofas with the dogs, watching films, doing puzzles, snacking instead of eating proper meals.  We did take the doggies out every day for a good long walk, but that was about it.

The decorations are still up, as our custom is to take them down the first weekend after New Year, just to stretch the holiday that little bit further.

Well, we  may still be up at midnight, to welcome in the New Year, but more than likely, we'll be tucked up fast asleep, in which case I will wish you all a Happy New Year in advance!


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My blooms are almost spent, but I do love them at this stage as you can see the inner workings, so to speak, which are so beautiful.

I bought these colours, as that's all that was left in the shop at the time, but it's the yellow ones that truly make my heart sing.

A few in the kitchen.

I put some in what we call 'the gaudy vase' in the dining room too.

On the home front, I've been sterilising my cups and mugs today -  yes, I know, I lead such a glamorous life.  I'm not a hygiene freak  you understand, it's just that I hate tea stained china (and teaspoons).

We did have a dishwasher, but jointly decided to get rid of it as we actually enjoy 'doing the dishes'.  We tend to do it together - aaaah, the romance - no not really,  it's just that there's only two of us, a dishwasher seemed daft. Also, when the Aga's on, it creates so much hot water, it seems stupid not to use it.

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Line dried laundry is one of my favourite seasonal things. I don't use fabric conditioner when line drying,  as washing always feels softer after being blown about in fresh breezes and I want that lovely sunny, outdoorsy smell.

I've been itching to get my first load on the washing line, but was thwarted a few times, when on a sunny morn the farmers decided to muck spread. The dogs were in the garden for ten minutes one day and came in reeking, so a no go for laundry.   I don't mind, I chose to live in the countryside. I might have mentioned this before, it is a bug bear of mine - people who move to the countryside,  then start complaining when cockerels wake them up, or a barn is erected in a field that ruins their view or there are nasty smells.   I therefore have to put up with a bit of a pong when they fertilise the fields.
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