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The house felt a little nude, once Christmas had been removed, so I had a good tidy and clean, and up went the little twinkly lights and out come the candles.

The weather here has been lovely for this time of year,  a bit of sunshine most days and the odd gorgeous sunset, this one taken from my bathroom window this week.

I usually find January quite a hard month, like many people, so to remedy this we embrace the hygge.   I treated myself to this little book a while ago,  a lovely little read, just right for this time of year.  It's recommendations are really nothing new to this household. but it's nice that it now has a name.

We're making time for long, bracing walks every afternoon, then coming home, lighting the fire and candles and snuggling down with very contented and tired dogs, for the evening.

We 're eating lots of  comfort food,  last nights offering being free range sausages, puy lentils, peppers, home grown kale in beefy red wine.  We mopped up with crusty…
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I used to dislike New Year, but now I just think how lucky I am to be welcoming in a new one.

My dodgy looking glass contains homemade pomegranate kefir, which is my new favourite tipple. I'm making up for my over indulgent festive period and have to say, it's quite addictive!

No resolutions for me, as I'm so useless at keeping them.  However, I will try to work off some of the poundage that I seem to have did that happen then?

Probably all the laziness betwixt Christmas and New Year, which we thoroughly embraced.  Lolling around on sofas with the dogs, watching films, doing puzzles, snacking instead of eating proper meals.  We did take the doggies out every day for a good long walk, but that was about it.

The decorations are still up, as our custom is to take them down the first weekend after New Year, just to stretch the holiday that little bit further.

Well, we  may still be up at midnight, to welcome in the New Year, but more than li…

The perfect Christmas and birthday.

My birthday celebrations on Christmas Eve were full of laughter and fun, with all my favourite and most loved peeps being present, plus my niece's boyfriend that we hadn't met before.

I laughed so much, I had face ache the next day.

My girl and her man were here for both days, leaving Christmas at noon, after presents and an epic breakfast cooked by Mr.  They, like us, will be celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day this year with his girls and Mum and Dad.

I hope that your Christmas, if you celebrated, gave you as much joy xx

Trying to summon up the Christmas spirit here.  I normally love this time of year, but I just can't muster any enthusiasm at the moment.

I broke out the Christmas mugs and indulged in a frothy, cream topped latte...nothing.

Mr put up some decorations and lit our little 'ting, ting', as I call it, to try and trigger my Christmas spirit.

He put up one of the indoor Christmas trees, which I decorated, whilst sipping a snowball, which did raise the spirits somewhat.

I just feel like my brain is in a fug and have for a couple of weeks now.  I even struggled when I met up with my girlfriends a couple of days ago last week, finding it hard to contribute to the conversation.  I'm putting it down to the time of year, but I've also not been looking after myself properly, I know that.  Back to the healthy, more probiotic diet I think, just till Christmas proper arrives and I have plenty of it in the house.  When I was eating properly, I certainly fe…

Here dead we lie 
Because we did not choose 
To live and shame the land 
From which we sprung. Life, to be sure, 
Is nothing much to lose, 
But young men think it is, 
And we were young.
A. E. Housman

We went to visit our girl in the north to check out her new studio premises and celebrate the start of her new venture. It was a four hour car journey, due to road works.  I have suffered car sickness all my life, but in recent years, it's improved and a couple of years ago I found that I can crochet whilst travelling, with no ill effects.  So happy with that discovery I can tell you.  I took a bit of hooky to while away the hours.

By the time I'd arrived at the hotel, I had one of these and yes, I took wooden coat hangers with me. It's the kind of pattern you do from memory, which is just as well as reading in a car is a no-no for me.

M's studio was a total wreck when she took in on, but in  a few short weeks, her lovely man C has done a complete refit, new plasterboard walls, a new tiled floor, work surfaces, sinks, everything she needs.  His lovely dad even pitched in to help screed the floor. C even made her a bespoke …

The autumn weather has been glorious!  I even put my shorts on this week, as I got so hot cleaning the house.
I've have been feeling a bit low in the last couple of days and knew a good walk would help. We decided on a walk along the ramparts of our local iron age hill fort, which as luck would have it, brought us to the pub.

It is a bit unnerving that this sign is literally ten feet from the pub itself. Probably not wise to have one too many drinks on a dark night.

On the walk, there are little gaps between the trees and hedges that give little vistas of the surrounding countryside.

Ancient trees, still holding on to their remaining leaves.

There are plenty of big, old trees with lovely, gnarly roots. You definitely have to watch your step here.

I can image quite a few little critters living in this tree!

One of my favourite books as child, was Wind in the Willows. I particularly loved the chapter where Mole gets lost in the Wild Wood  and this tr…