On the crafting front, I've just finished crocheting this cotton shopping bag.  This pattern results in a cute, not overlarge bag that's ideal for small amounts fruit and veg, which is what I was after.  The great thing with this pattern is that you can enlarge your bag by adding extra rows and reinforce the handles with extra rows of double crochet. It's very versatile and an easy make -  I will be making more!

We've been eating out of the greenhouse at last, but crops have been very slow to materialise.  I wasn't sure whether to grow cucumbers this year after the bitter offerings of the last two years, but went ahead as I already had the seeds.  Bitterness occurs when there are extremes of temperature apparently, so didn't hold out much hope for anything edible. Surprisingly, this years are crisp and sweet and I'm a happy bunny, as you can't beat home grown cukes.

We had a cute little dud - he tasted good too.

They are also surprisingly …

Well actually cooking in a storm.

We had a mini glut of courgettes that had to be dealt with.  This relish is my go to recipe every year, it's well liked and you can add little extras to make each batch slightly different, extra garlic or chillies, various spices.

I couldn't do my usual half green half yellow courgette mix, as the yellows are a bit behind, so just went with what I had.

You just put the following ingredients into a large pan, bring to the boil slowly to dissolve the sugar, then simmer, until drawing a wooden spoon across the pan base leaves a trail, about 1.5 hours. Keep checking it though, in case it starts to catch and when it's done, pop into sterilised jars.

One thing though,  make sure all the veg are diced small as above and when dicing up the courgettes, take out the soft central part.

This is quite a dry relish, not a lot of sauce just lots of little jewels of spicy veg that goes with all things savoury.

2lb/900g of yellow and gre…

I’ve been getting very excited this last couple of weeks, due to  the fact that I’ve managed to persuade Mr to go on a short camping break.
We bought a tent years ago, on a whim, but never got around to using it. Every year I suggest we go camping, but various things conspire against it, more often than not, the good old UK weather.  I’m very much a fair weather camper, after some gruelling early experiences.  Not this time.  We packed up and off we went Sunday afternoon, taking pot luck on a campsite that doesn’t take bookings, but had great reviews.  We weren't disappointed.

You know when you have in your mind a picture perfect idea of how a planned trip will pan out. No traffic hold ups; beautiful weather; fantastic,  serene surroundings; no midges/mozzies;  no technology -  just sitting in dappled sunlight, with a good book or a bit of crochet, surrounded by trees.  This had been my little fantasy; unbelievably that’s exactly how it turned out.

We didn't even know wh…