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I cannot believe we are already almost halfway through February.....where did January go for goodness sake?

I've been treating myself to tulips, for which I'm a bit of a sucker, with this delicious bunch reminding me of rhubarb and custard sweets f or some reason. My affection for tulips at this time of year stems from the fact that they don't elicit itchy watery eyes and snotty, sniffly noses, symptoms that daffodils do.  Having said that, I have some Tete a Tete in the kitchen that will be coming into flower soon, so better stock up on the tissues.

This bunch also called to me.....well, you can't have too many can you?
I thought how nice they would look with  some sort of matching doily underneath them and a mandala sprang to mind.  I chose to this pattern one for it's design and colour palette and it proved to be an easy little make.
The photo does not show the true colours, quelle suprise, as the light is so bad at this time of year.  I used Stylecraft Special DK in Raspberry, Silver, Saffron and White from my stash, although a cotton blend is recommended. Oh, and I didn't bother to block it, as I'm basically lazy in that department as you all know.

The weather has been rather cold, so it's heavy on the carbs when it comes to the menu, with plenty of homemade sourdough, care of my lovely, lively new starter.  Mr. christened this new starter 'Hope' in 'hope' that she will always produce lots of lovely sourdough bread, cakes and bakes and so far she hasn't disappointed.  I still have Hattie on the go, as I like rye starter for my pancakes, Hope's being kept exclusively for bread making and cakes at the moment.

Lovely, bubbly dough.
I use a glass bowl as advised by Elaine of  Foodbodsourdoug, as it allows you to see how bubbly your dough is, which is a good indicator as to whether it's ready for baking.

Devoured in no time flat.
My sister gave me an Amaryllis for my birthday and it's just come into flower in the last few days. This beauty if called 'Double Dragon' and I so wish that my camera  picked up the actual colour, which is a glorious scarlet.

My phone didn't do any better.

Mr. managed to brain himself on a loft hatch last week. He's putting out for sympathy here.

I heard this loud bang, then Mr. yelling for me and when I reached the bedroom, he was standing with blood pouring from his head.  We managed to stem the flow, but would he go to the, he flatly refused!  It put paid to his DIY plans, as I insisted he just sit out the rest of the day, which he did, bless him.  Yes, I put that rather jaunty dressing on his head...I think I missed my vocation in nursing, no?  He is on the mend, but still has problems sleeping on his left side, which worries me a bit.

At last, it snowed in Somerset and we had a pretty good covering, which I loved because I'm a great big kid at heart....crunching through deep, virgin snow just floats my boat. I spared Mr. a snowball fight, just in case I hit him in the head and knowing my throwing skills, that was pretty likely.  He doesn't like wearing hats, but sensibly encased himself in one for work and walking the dogs.   There were a few stalwarts out walking on the worst days and plenty of families on the hillside with sleds, which was lovely to see.  It was almost totally gone after forty eight hours, which I have to say, is about all I needed to feel that we have had a proper winter.

Hoping all is well with you and yours, wherever you are x


  1. Your poor husband.. I hope he heals fast. Your sourdough makes me want to take my starter out of the fridge and feed it. I'm glad you got some snow.. we're expecting quite a bit this weekend.. we'll see though! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa, he seems to be okay now. Hope you don't have an excess of snow, just enough to make it enjoyable.


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